Yarra Valley Restaurants

Why Fondata is Known As One of the Best Yarra Valley Restaurants

There are many reasons why people flock to the Yarra Valley. It’s only around an hour’s drive from Melbourne, enjoys a comfortable climate year-round and is the home to some beautiful state and national parks. It’s also recognised as one of the best wine-growing regions in the world.

Yarra Valley Restaurants – Fondata

If you’re a “foodie,” then you will simply love the way of life here, where you can enjoy quality food and wine that is locally sourced in a number of superb restaurants. Take Fondata 1872, for example. This is one of the prime Yarra Valley restaurants and is well worth a visit, whether for a casual meal, a seasonal celebration, a fully-fledged event or a memorable wedding.

Historic Property

Fondata is set in the heart of Kangaroo Ground in an area known as the Nillumbik green wedge. Housed within a historic property that dates back to 1872, it is the perfect place for people to enjoy a memorable meal as they gaze out over the stunning rolling hills of the surrounding valley.

Italian Cuisine

Yet Fondata is not just a place of great hospitality, but it is designed to pay true homage to Italian cuisine. It’s a venue where visitors can enjoy some authentic recreations.

Yarra Valley Weddings

There’s something magical about the climate and prevailing weather in this area, and it’s no surprise, therefore, that so many Yarra Valley functions take place at Fondata. It’s also a great Yarra Valley weddings venue in the springtime, due to the spectacular colours and emerging flora, or the many stunning native plants that can be found within the restaurant garden.

Memorable Dinner

Yarra Valley events often linger into the evening to enjoy the spectacular sunsets that bless this area and so that everyone can look forward to the magnificent dinner. They may be tempted by the signature, 12-hour slow-cooked lamb or whole barramundi, washed down with beers, spirits and wines from the local vicinity.

Yarra Valley Functions at Fondata

There are a number of different Yarra Valley restaurants to choose from, but Fondata is considered to be the venue of choice for those looking for an authentic, quality dining experience or a special event venue for the ages. So if you want your next meal together to be truly special, have a wedding to plan or would like to discuss some other type of Yarra Valley function, get in touch with us for more information as soon as possible.

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